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It’s been a while..
Thank you my loyal fans–your refreshing ardor is outshone only by your loving nagging. ( All my arts are belong to you )

Something from my pipe’n’pushbroom mustache cache stash.
Hey Sailor
Pencils, Phoroshop

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Come visit Beefyblimps at the Grommr Table this Sunday afternoon at the Urban Bear Fair under the Highline Park!



Immediately Following the Urban Bear Street Fair at
Little West 12th Street
Doors open 6pm

Music: Chauncey D


$15; Free with your URBAN BEAR PASS

SKIP THE LINE! Advance VIP tickets available by clicking here

Come dance your ass off with hundreds of the biggest, beefiest, and sweatiest men you’ll find as we take over Cielo, the Meatpacking districts sexy indoor/outdoor nightclub, immediately following the Street Fair.  With great music and tons of fur & fun, you won’t want to miss this epic blow-out dance party celebrating the final night of Urban Bear NYC.

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The Hunger Games

Or, should I say ..

Hungry Games?
May the odds be forever in your flavor.




I’ve always wondered, what will gaining be like in the future? What new stuffing technologies will we invent to bloat up our our bellies to bulging bliss?


Fortune Favors the Furry
(Pilosos Fortuna Iuvat)

For all you chubbles who wanted Santa to bring you a little extra fur.
Sweet dreams, Brogaine boys. Now if someone had only given ME Brogaine™ for x-mas..

Fappy New Year from Beefyblimps

2:52 pm, by beefyblimps
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Reblog a panel or two if you like this series :)

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What could be more serene than the deep black night, a nearly starless china shop of sugar sharp pinpricks shocked by bullish lunar intruder, swift chilled mountain air, filtered crisp and crystal through pristine pine ablaze with lightning bugs blinking like caution signs in sync with the throbbing meat beneath, aching impossibly.  And what to do if that cry was heard?  By an unseen native, a sourceless shadow drooling after a wandering rump roast, whimpering for release? 

1:20 am, by beefyblimps
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With sober reality stowed in the backseat, an overactive imagination given free reign to wander in uncharted blackness is hard pressed not to conflate and inflate the usual cracks and pops and coos of a forest into new and terrible shape shifting foes ready to tear you a new one.

1:20 am, by beefyblimps
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A playground of mental mayhem, hallucinations taking lives of their own, crawling and sprawling to life, rapacious inhabitants of only the darkest fantasies piercing the chemical veil of reality and penetrating, scarring, damning the psyche like a branding iron. 

1:20 am, by beefyblimps
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Tweaked and amped through chemical cacophony, twisted into an erotic Freddie Krueger dreamscape, what salacious sins are possible when the gossamer veils between the real and the unreal flirt and unite within the wildest dopamine dreams, blurring into life, thrust into the hungry hole hole of reality? What sourceless shadow could recast such heights of pleasure?

Beefyblimps 2011

Reblog if you like any of these. Thanks!

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Oso Oro is back with even more bear art culture fun, with this year’s theme as Mexican and Japanese wrestling, you know there’s gotta be hot beefy hairy models, drawing, dancing, drinks, some crazy contest that involves losing a few pieces of clothing, some fundoshi tying, hairy belly rubs, and even an original art auction. Not to be missed. No drawing talent required, just come ready to get your creative spirit on.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

8pm - Midnight


208 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10010

13th between 7th & 8th


$5 to get in, wear your wrestling gear to get in free!

Art Auction

Have you ever wanted to own an original Brad Rader? Maybe a Steve MacIsaac or a Hector Silva? This year Oso Oro is pleased to be auctioning fine art print and original drawings from some well-known bear artists from around the world. Very limited quantities. Proceeds go to benefit Japan Reflief.

Beefyblimps First Comic

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be debuting my first real comic, These Woodies Are Wild, in a zine you can pick up at the event.

And as for me, you can find me in the center of the action drawing some big hairy awesomeness, getting my anarchy on with some performance art on the walls, and giving away some free sharpie sketches and tattoos for anyone who asks. Come say hi!

And bitches don’t even be bidding on that Keichang, it’s soooo mine.

And T-Shirts!

Member Artists

Past Events

Facebook Event

For more info, contact Ivan Velez


7:13 am, by beefyblimps
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NYC Cigar & Pipe Night for Grommr Guys

Tuesday May 31, 2011 6:30 dinner, then 8-11 @ The Eagle

Guilfordcigarman (Carl) is organizing a cigar & pipe night at the Eagle for any Grommr guys who want to join in some puffing and belly rubbing, preferably at the same time. :) 21 and over, both newcomers just flirting with the idea and experienced guys welcome, or just come for the dinner and atmosphere and look on in awe!

We’re going to have a chub grub at Chelsea Square beforehand at 6:30, then waddle over to the Eagle at 8.

6:30 at Chelsea Square Restaurant

368 W 23rd St @ 9th ave

8-11pm at The Eagle

544 W 28th St btw 10/11ave

Come out and chomp a gar with some fatties :)

Facebook Event Link

7:13 pm, by beefyblimps
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Uncensored version, as promised!



Big Love: Sexy Bears in Gay Art

Published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag, Germany

Beefyblimps is hot and bothered to announce that we will be featured in the next big art book published by Bruno Gmünder, Big Love!

Following the success of Hair, Gmünder’s last romp through the hairy art forest, Big Love is an expose into the beefy bear world of furry bellies and chunky hunks galore, including paintings, drawings, comics, and illustrations both digital and traditional. Big Love will feature the art of some of the best and most well known bear artists from around the world:

…and many more!

Preorder online from TLA Video, Bruno Gmünder, Amazon or your local Gay & Lesbian Bookstore.

From the publisher—

Huge, hairy hunks, strong and a little snugly, tender when it comes to cuddling, passionate when it comes to sex: gay bears are the embodiment of masculinity. Nevertheless the sexual fixation on them is considered rather a fetish. Well, that’s okay, since not every man appreciates the sexiness of a full, dark beard and a heavy, hairy body. Not every man dreams about sleeping in the strong arms of a burly man, feeling his bulging belly and his firm, perfect ass. So be it! That simply means there’s more to hug for those, who really care for all those amenities. The comic and art anthology BIG LOVE – SEXY BEARS IN GAY ART is dedicated to those who have the hots for men who let it grow, who don’t have to prove anything with a gym shaped body. Come and find out yourself, there’s a lot to discover in the bear world. Artists from all parts of the world contributed their unique skills for this book—and none of them make a secret of their fetish for big men full of virility and self‐confidence.

From cartoons to photo realistic works, from digital art to crayons and watercolor: BIG LOVE is about all the facets of love between king‐size men.


3:03 pm, by beefyblimps
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